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Demolition Derby Rules

Demolition Derby Rules

All drivers must have a valid driver's license (except Youth Class). Anyone under 18 must provide a notarized signed waiver from a parent or guardian.

Driver and one pit person allowed per vehicle. NO extra pit passes sold.

No tickets sold at pit gates.

Pit passes must be shown to be allowed in the the pit.

Driver and pit person must sign in when they arrive.

Driver and pit person will receive and must wear pit wrist band.

Driver and pit crew are REQUIRED to attend the pit meeting.

No unauthorized personnel allowed in pit area, either before, during, or after derbies.

No welders allowed on grounds.

No alcoholic beverages or intoxication allowed in the pit area before, during, or after derbies. Subject to disqualification, forfeit of prize money, and possible arrest.

All vehicles drive up for inspection, and may be scoped. You will be allowed to make corrections if you do not pass. If vehicle cannot pass, you will not run. No refunding entry fee. No changes allowed on vehicle after passing inspection.

All drivers must wear approved helmets. Full face, eye protection, and neck braces are recommended.

Vehicles must have workable safety belts and they must be worn while on track.

After two fires per heat on a vehicle, you will not be allowed to continue.

If vehicle rolls over, you will be allowed to continue if there are no safety issues.

No deliberate hitting opponents on driver's door. You may be disqualified. Judges' discretion.

Don't use your driver's door as a shield, it may cause you to be disqualified.

No sand bagging or holding allowed. Aggressive hitting during time on track.

Team driving: It is not allowed when two or more vehicles run in a pack and work on the rest of the field, but not each other. This will be grounds for disqualification. You will be warned once.

Aggressive contact with another vehicle must be made within one minute. If stalled, you will have one minute to get started and make aggressive contact with another live vehicle. You will be warned once; then you will be disqualified.

Do not intentionally push someone into barriers, it may result in disqualification. If your vehicle is PUSHED onto the barrier, we will take your vehicle down to continue.

Track conditions and the condition of vehicle are taken into consideration by judges when determining time limits on hits and aggressiveness.

Break your stick when you are done or instructed to do so by official. Keep your arms in vehicle during derby for safety.

Stay in vehicle until heat is over (unless directed otherwise by derby official). Helmets and safety belts are to stay on. No smoking in vehicles.

Pit crew must stay off track area. Vehicles will be brought back to pit.

Any flagrant violation by driver or pit crew, reckless driving, foul language, or action towards a demo official or fan will result in disqualification.

Clean up your area in the pit. Vehicles must be removed (unless arrangements are made with demo chairman).

All judges' decisions are final.

Pick up prize money AFTER Demo Derby in the track building. Drivers with winnings of $600 or more will be required to fill out a Federal 1099 form before receiving their checks. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER REQUIRED.

The derby chairman reserves the right to disqualify any vehicle determined to be unsafe to driver or officials before or during derby.

The derby chairman reserves the right to alter program should it be required.

The Wright County Fair Board will not be responsible for any vehicles or items left on the grounds.


Gary Fieldseth: 763-350-1911

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