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Rules & Regulations

The object of these rules and regulations are to make a better fair for all exhibitors and people involved.


1. While the greatest possible care will be taken by the management to protect patrons of the Wright County Fair, each individual will be held personally responsible for their actions and the management will not be accountable or responsible for any injury.

2. The Wright County Agricultural Society management assumes no liability for loss or damage to any property to the concessionaire, exhibitor or patron, due to theft, fire, tornado, weather conditions or other causes.

3. Upon entering fairgrounds be advised that photographs or videos may be taken of the activities or events and used for future fair promotions publications and social media.

4. Fair admission does not guarantee all scheduled events will take place. No refunds once an event has started.

5. No person will be permitted to distribute advertising matter on fairgrounds except from their place of business or exhibit. Posting or distribution of any kind is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule will result in being asked to leave the fair grounds.

6. Any person or group that conducts a protest action must limit its activity to the location designated by the Fair Board. The designated location is the Northwest corner of the Fairgrounds. No entrances or exits can be obstructed or limited in any way.

7. No hover boards, skateboards, roller or inline skates, bikes, or motorized scooters etc, are allowed on the fair grounds. Handicap scooters are the exception. Fair board can authorize acceptance of special needs by stopping at the Fair Office and a permit will be provided.

8. No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed on the fair grounds. Exceptions made for Fair Board approved acts and law
enforcement officers.

9. Use of motorized vehicles on the fairgrounds during fair week limited to golf carts, 4 wheelers, gators and the like which are used by the Fair Board and fair staff will be permitted. All other private units brought or driven to fair grounds MUST come to
fair office for possible permit. Must have driver’s license and proof of insurance. No underage drivers will be allowed.

10. Fast driving or riding within the fair grounds is strictly prohibited. The Sheriff’s Department is instructed to deal with any person or persons violating this rule.

11. NO PETS SHALL BE ALLOWED on the Wright County Fairgrounds premises UNLESS:

A. It is a bonifide service pet.

B. Its presence is authorized by the fair board in advance of its attendance and it is either leashed or kenneled at all times while on site.

C. Its presence is part of an organized & announced fair activity.

D. ANYONE violating this rule with a pet, will take the pet off fairgrounds property immediately upon being asked by any fair official or law enforcement personnel.

E. Stray pets will be impounded at the owners expense.

12. No live animals shall be given away from a concession, exhibit or FFA barnyard display.

13. Persons under 18 staying on the fairgrounds overnight must be exhibitors at the fair and have parent or guardian staying with them.

14. No person upon the Wright County Fair Grounds may have in their possession any alcoholic beverage or illegal controlled substance. Alcohol may only be consumed in those areas properly designated, licensed, and approved by the Wright County Fair Board. No person shall use cannabis flower, cannabis products, lower-potency hemp edibles, or hemp-derived consumer products on the Wright County Fairgrounds. Persons in violation of this policy will be dealt with accordingly by law enforcement personnel.

15. All electrical fans and extension cords used in any building must be OSHA approved.

16. No Campfires Allowed unless approved by Fair Board.

17. No dunk tanks allowed during the Wright County Fair.

18. Rules and regulations will be strictly adhered to. Any person who violates any rule or regulation made by the Wright County Agricultural Society shall be held accountable for their actions.

19. Wright County Fair Board shall reserve the privilege of changing any of these rules and regulations to suit the purpose for which they have been made and to pass on their application regarding the Wright County Fair.

20. Membership in the Wright County Agricultural Society. The annual dues of the Society shall be $5.00 per person each year. Memberships may be purchased at Fair Office during Fair or from any current Fair Board members. To vote at the annual meeting, you must buy your membership BEFORE September 15th. The annual meeting of the society is the third Monday in October of each year at a time and place to be announced.

21. NO Smoking in any buildings on the grounds, grandstand or bleacher areas (includes E-cigarettes).

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