Lumberjack Show

Fishbuilt Productions All American Lumberjack Show

Shows are Thursday, July 23 – Sunday, July 26

Fishbuilt Productions is an award-winning All American Lumberjack entertainment service that captivates audiences of all ages with enjoyment and thrill of a lumberjack competition. They have put together a safe, fun and competitive activity for all ages to enjoy.

We have 10 lumberjack events that we run in the All American Lumberjack Show including Log Rolling, OP Race, Axe Throwing, Spring Board Tree Topping, Single Buck, 2 Man X-cut Sawing, Stock Saw Racing, Hot Saw Racing, Quick Carve & Log Boom Racing. It is run in head to head competition format with lots of interaction with the audience who along with the lumberjacks are on a red or blue team. Carvings made in the show are given away to someone in the audience. Depending on the needs of your event the show can be run as a single 2 hour program or shortened into multiple shows that are scheduled through out the day. Our Lumberjack Camps, TimberSaws & Chain Saw Carving Shows can be added to give you lumberjack entertainment all day long.