Lawn Mower Demo Derby Rules

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Lawn Mower Demo Derby Rules

Wright County FairLawn Mower Demo Derby Rules

Lawn Mower Derby will take place during intermission of the combine derby. Twenty minute time limit down to last mower or most aggressive hitter by judges decision at times end.

1st Place – $300 & Trophy; 2nd Place – $150 & Trophy; 3rd Place – $100; Based on minimum of 6 entries or only 1st place paid. Best Decorated Mower – $50 & Trophy.

$25 registration fee for driver and 1 pitman. Everyone else must purchase a grandstand ticket. Not sold in pit area.

All drivers must be 16 years or older (16-17 years of age must have a guardian sign waiver). All drivers must sign a waiver prior to entering the derby holding no one responsible but yourself for anything that may happen. Participate at your own risk.

Drivers must wear long sleeve shirt and pants. Helmet and eye protection is required. Neck brace and seat belt recommended.

No alcohol permitted in pit before, during or after derby. You will be disqualified and forfeit any payouts.

No sandbagging allowed or team driving. Everyone hits everyone. You will be warned once then disqualified. Judges decision final.

You must hit with front of mower during the derby. Hits are to be made to front and tires of other mowers only. Any intentional hit to rear of mower could result in being disqualified.

Front mounted engines only are allowed on mowers, no rear mount, or zero turn mowers.

Engine must be factory mower engine no large than 25 hp., and must be belt driven.

Electric start mower preferred, you must be able to start your mower from your seat. No lying across the hood to start the mower.

Decks must be removed. All plastic and lights must be removed.

You may use any seat that will fit on top of the back of mower.

Must have good brakes and forward and reverse gears at start of derby.

Spark plug and carburetor protectors are allowed. Do not get carried away, official’s decision is final.

Exhaust must not extend out from mower hood area.

If gas tank or battery is in front of engine you must move it to a safe place. Battery and gas tank must be secured and covered. Gas cover and tank must not leak or you will not run.

Leg guards are mandatory and must be bolted or welded from rear fender to front of foot rest or frame. May not be attached to front bumper. Must not protect tires in any way.

Any mower with unsafe leg guard or any guard that falls off during event will not be allowed to continue.

Shifter guard is recommended to protect your hand/arm if shifter is mounted on fender. Hand throttle is allowed.

No grill guards on the front of mower. No kickers or braces from front bumper to leg guards.

Hood must stay stock and intact with the exception of replacing plastic/fiberglass hoods with sheet metal. Must stay same/style as the original. Hoods may be bolted, wired or chained down.

Engine bay area may be reinforced but must be contained inside the hood and maintain factory body lines.

Modification of drive pulleys is allowed but must stay belt driven. No chain, shaft, or friction drive mowers allowed.

Trans axles remain factory but reinforcing or welding of spider gears is permitted.

Frames must be stock. Frames may have repair welds. Frames may have added metal to attach bumpers. Mounting brackets no longer than 12”.

Front and rear bumpers are allowed. Bumpers CANNOT extend beyond inside of tires! Bottom of front and rear bumpers must be at AXLE height! Bumpers can be NO LARGER than 3” x 3” and not extend out more than 4” from frame to front of bumper. No spikes, sharp edges, or V bumpers allowed. If you want to run they will have to be cut off. Official’s decision final.

A back seat bar is allowed. This is to protect the back of the seat. This bar may be mounted to leg protection structure or rear bumper but must not protect the rear wheels in any way!

No valve stem protection allowed.

Tires must be turf/lawn mower tires. No dually or bar tread tires. Air in tires only, no foam or fluids – you will be disqualified.

FOR YOUR SAFETY – If your mower rolls over, you are eliminated; all drivers must stop and wait for officials to restart derby.

All mowers must have a number displayed on hood of mower.

Any mower or driver that is unsafe will be disqualified. All drivers must remain on mower during competition, no getting off mower to get unstuck or work on engine. Seat belts are not allowed due to possibility of rollover. Two rollovers allowed; third rollover results in disqualification.

Must be on grounds and in pit by 6:00 p.m. to be inspected. Pit opens at 2:00 p.m.

Chairman reserves the right to change rules, and keep event fair and efficient. Official’s decisions are final.

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