Hopewell Fur Trading Company

The name “Hopewell” is derived from the name of a very ancient Indian tribe that lived near this area several hundreds of years ago. The fur trade era played a very vital role in the history of Minnesota. The people you see her today are “Re-enactors” who enjoy portraying what it may have been like to have been part of a trade camp, otherwise known as a “rendezvous.” The very word rendezvous is a French word simply meaning “a gathering, or meeting place.”

As you stroll through this are, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You will learn some very interesting and exciting facts about early Minnesota history, including the period food and how it was cooked, tomahawk and knife throwing, what a muzzle loader is and how it works, and many craft objects relating to the fur trade. Also try your hand at some original Indian games. Take your time as you re-live and enjoy a brief step into the past.