Combine Demo Derby Rules

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Combine Demo Derby Rules

Drivers and pit crew must be 16 years or older. Anyone under 18 MUST provide a signed waiver from parent or guardian.

One driver and 2 pit crew allowed per combine. Everyone must sign a liability waiver and receive a pit pass. No one is allowed in the pit without a pass. PIT opens at 2 pm.

No pit passes are sold, everyone must purchase a ticket and be in stands.

Drivers and pit crew are expected to attend pit meeting when called.

Combines will be inspected by competition officials. Any infractions of the rules must be fixed before machine will be cleared to compete. Official’s decision is final. After passing inspection driver will be given a colored stick. This must be mounted near driver area so it can be broken off after driver is unable to continue or is disqualified.

Seatbelt and D.O.T. approved helmet are required to be worn during competition. A fire extinguisher must also be on board the combine.

Combines may be decorated, painted, or offer advertising but must be in good taste. No profanity or obscene materials will be allowed. A trophy will be presented to the “BEST DECORATED COMBINE”.

The derby will consist of heats with comparable sized combines. The feature heat will place the heat winners together no matter what size of machine.

Any flagrant violation by driver and pit crew, reckless driving, foul language, or action toward official or fan will result in disqualification and forfeit of prize money.

NO alcoholic beverages or intoxication allowed in the pit before, during, or after the derby. Subject to disqualification, forfeit of prize money, and arrest.

ALL ELIGIBLE PAYOUTS WILL BE MADE AND HANDED OUT AFTER THE DERBY. THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE BUILDING BY THE ANNOUNCERS STAND. Drivers will be required to fill out a federal 1099 form for winnings of $600 or more before receiving their payment.


When your heat is called you will have 5 MINUTES to be ON THE TRACK.

No HITTING OF FRONT DRIVE TIRES allowed for the first 5 minutes of the heat. IF intentional contact occurs, driver will be disqualified (Official’s decision is final). After 5 minutes driver will be notified when hitting of front tires is ALLOWED.

No team driving. All combines must make contact with each other. You will receive one warning before being disqualified.

No pushing or pulling a combine outside of the barriers. You will be given one warning.
Combine must stop immediately if contact with another machine caused the other combine to rise off the ground.

No intentional driving or backing into the driver’s area of opponent’s machine.

Two or more combines locked together must attempt to separate within 2 minutes or be disqualified.

A 2 minute time limit given to restart combine and make contact with another machine. Official’s decision is final.


ONE FIRE and combine is disqualified.

Green Flag means start. Red flag means stop competition (Air Horn will also sound and all machines must stop). Failure to do so could lead to disqualification. Black Flag means disqualified. Judges decision is final. Checkered Flag means heat is over and winner decided.

Trophy will be given on track after feature is complete.


Any alterations to stock exhaust must have exhaust directed upward. Any turbo-charged combine must have upward directed exhaust.

Batteries must be secured on top of the combine away from the operator and must be covered.

Fuel tank must be mounted inside the grain tank, with original tank removed, and be sufficiently vented.

Any combine deemed to be spraying oil may be disqualified by judges.

All exterior fans must be shielded.

Radiators may be moved or removed and must contain water only.

Tires must contain AIR only. No fluid or foam in tires. No double walled tires allowed. No duals allowed.

All combines must have cabs and only TWO wheel drive units will be allowed. Mudhog/Rear assist axles can be used BUT must have drive systems DISABLED.

All combines must use a grain table platform or a row crop head with heads fixed at 18” – 24” from the ground. Maximum platform length is 20’. Minimum platform length must be as long as the outside of the drive tires.

Combine grain table must have reel, guards, sickles, and all other sheet metal removed. All combine row heads must have the row units removed.

Combine heads from prior events may be reinforced to original strength or less. Excessive reinforcement will not be allowed.

Combine ladder, unloading auger, choppers, and all glass must be removed. Separator must be inoperable. Driver’s door can be welded or chained shut. Safety bars must be added to the front and side of cab area for driver protection.

One brace per side from machine to header in front of the front drive wheels. One 1” angle iron is allowed on the steering arm. Braces are allowed to keep the header height at 18” – 24”. No braces are allowed around the front or rear wheels or rear axle parts.

Reinforcing is allowed. Excessive reinforcements will be disqualified by officials. Reinforcing is limited to 10 pieces of iron any length located on the combine except in areas not allowed in rules. This can be any type of iron, angle, channel flat or round. NO EXTRA welding on the cutter bar edge, NO welding rock guards or header bottom. NO well casing of any kind. The variable speed drive and radiator may be protected.


If a combine suffers rear axle or tie rod breakage during the event it may be repaired if eligible for feature. If rear tires are deemed unusable, ski or skid will be allowed on rear axle to return to feature.

WELDERS allowed in pit with proper fire extinguisher available nearby.




Best Decorated: Trophy and $50.00
Heat stops when 2 combines are left running. Each receives $100 and advances to feature.
(Possible consolation for non winners.)


1st Place – $1000 & Trophy
2nd Place – $500
3rd Place – $200
4th Place – $100

For entry info or questions contact: Butch Bakeberg 320-543-3848
Fairboard reserves right to alter program as needed.